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Combining Nano MAG™, a new hi-tech material, with DonJoy’s proven adjuster technology, OA Nano™ is the world’s lightest functional OA knee brace available, keeping patients moving forward.

  • The use of innovative, hi-tech Nano MAG (on the loading side) provides strength for off-loading
  • The flexibility of the magnesium frame provides an intimate fit and increased comfort
  • DonJoy’s clinically proven 3-point off-loading technology shifts the compressive loads from the degenerative area to the healthy compartment
  • The 4-Points-of-Leverage frame design provides additional protection for the ligaments
  • DonJoy’s proven contoured design enhances brace suspension no matter the level of activity



Mild to moderate unicompartmental OA.

Ideal for patients who want to stay active and move freely.