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Item Description:.

Thanks to the layout of its bi-lateral mechanical components, numerous exercises can be performed with both the upper and lower limbs.
The Model is fitted with an adjustable reclining backrest for positioning as far as horizontal.
It includes two side arms, each of which is fitted with two telescopic radial bars that pivot on a transverse axle with a disc selector fixed to the frame by dual ballbearing boxes.
At the ends of the bars, both inside and outside, the necessary devices can be attached to perform the selected exercise.
The very wide range of programmes includes both resistance exercises and active-assisted exercises, in which the upper and lower limbs can be used together. Padded buffers, hand grips and weights are provided for this.
Side levers are attached to adjust the muscle fixing pads.
Central control to adjust the back rest.
The base is equipped with stacks that are used to store the retaining weights.
Includes 2 x 0.5 kg weights, 6 x 1 kg weights and 2 x 2 kg weights.
Metal frame with chrome and polyester finish. Fireproof upholstery.