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Intelect Mobile 2 takes electrotherapy to the next level. The Mobile 2 comes in multiple configurations: electro stimulation only, ultrasound only or a combo device that combines both modalities.

Intelect Mobile 2 COMBO

  • The Intelect Mobile 2 COMBO is a two-channel electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy and Combo system used with or without an optional Cart, allowing for the inclusion of a Vacuum module.
  • For combo therapy 5 waveforms are included for use: Interferential, VMS,High Volt, Asymmetric biphasic TENS and Symmetric biphasic TENS.
  • There is fully functional 1 and 3 MHz ultrasound frequencies and two channels of electrical stimulation output.
  • This equipment is to be used only under the prescription and supervision of a licensed medical practitioner.