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Item Description:. 


Backed by three integrated motors, the new model from DJO Global supports the following movements:

  • Anteversion & retroversion
  • Adduction & abduction
  • Internal & external rotation
  • Extension & flexion (elevation) with extended or flexed arm

The combination of these motion axes enables anatomically correct PNF movements as well as the proven “wave” or undulation exercise.

Combined with the tried-and-tested features, such as the patient chip card and the sturdy design, the new ARTROMOT-S4 has even more therapy options to offer.


Features & Benefits:

  • Touchscreen hand controller and motor controls for direct programming of motion ranges, with clear presentation and descriptive icons
  • 3 motors for all motion axes: anteversion & retroversion, adduction & abduction, internal & external rotation, extension & flexion (elevation) with extended or flexed arm
  • User guidance for easy conversion of the device for treatment of the right or left shoulder * Adaptive load reversal (reverse-on-load feature for patient safety/spasm protection), conforms automatically and sensitivity can be adjusted
  • Reinforced armrest with adjustable width and height