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Fascial Floss Compression Therapy Course

Fascial Floss Compression Therapy Course

Fascial floss is a systemic application of the flossing bands according to therapeutic principles from osteopathy and physiotherapy in relation to functional and athletic training.

1- Theoretical introduction on fascia and the advantages and disadvantages of fascial floss.
2- Basic banding. neurological banding lymphatic banding and postural correction banding.

This innovative technique allows to eliminate adhesions and myofascial blocks, improving movement and regenerative processes. Learn the application, the technique and all the secrets about the fascial system.

One Day Course ( 05 March 2023 )

instructor: Dr. Christian Villella ( PT, DO, PhD, BSS)

  • University Professor For Manual Therapy
  • President of the Italian Association of professional Osteopath
  • Creator of Fascial Floss System


  • Reducing pain.
  • Improving mobility of joints, fascia and muscles.
  • Improving the smoothness of subcutaneous tissue with the skin by reducing resistance.
  • Improve circulation, reduce swelling.
  • improve performance, rehabilitation, and regeneration.
  • Improve joint function.
  • Improve coordination.
  • Improve elasticity of muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  • Improve psychological impact with performance.

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